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Uttan Beach Mumbai Review

Uttan Beach located at 7 km from Bhayander railway station (Mumbai Suburb, North) is a clean virgin beach with resorts and hotel available. Uttanbbz
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Uttan Beache village is location to 8 km from Bhayander Railway Station in West also is know has this Uttan beach, Also it's called Uttan Velankanni Beach

In Uttan maturity peoples are Koli and they are known as fisherman they are the kings of Fishing

Best Place Uttan Velankanni Beach Mumbai

  • Uttan Statue Of Mother Velankanni
  • Uttan Mother Velankanni Church
  • Uttan Gorai Beach
  • Uttan Chauka Road
  • Uttan baleshah Peer Dargah

Uttan beach daily catch Fishing by local people of village fishermens is available and 45% of Fishes are supplies in resorts and restaurants.

Are you fish & Seafood lover then it's better place for you only, Here you can look drying fishing in sea side areas you can able to find restaurant and resort near Uttam beach Mumbai

In Uttan Major of local fishermen are East Indian Catholic People and very friendly with talk . God has created a wonderful place I think you have to explore a beautiful hill rock beach location in Uttan.

Uttan Beach Mumbai is also know as Mini Goa of Maharashtra, Due to the coastal side of Arabian Sea or resort or restaurants and friendly people because visitor as given the name of mini Goa

Uttan is a Coastal town which was under Mira Bhayander and It's will take 1.30 - 2.00 hr from railway station to Uttan Beach with rickshaw it's 8 kms only

How To reach Uttan Beach: It's was very simple just a few minutes away from Uttan village. Any local rickshaw will take to the beach

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