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Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2020

adsense alternatives for small Blogger with alternatives to google adsense or google adsense alternatives
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In this Post I will talk about Google Adsense Alternative Are you trying again and again or tired of applying Google Adsense and getting rejected every time?

Important:- I don't say that alternatives is Best than Google Adsense. Make sure you have to put Google Adsense as your first priority. If you are getting rejected or banned by Google AdSense But you have to move this Google Adsense Alternative.

First Ad Network is

It is the best alternative for Google Adsense. I Said because after reading the reviews of lots of users who are already using it. 

The minimum payout of is $100 Also you can get the payment via PayPal or Wire transfer. Also, the ads served by are similarly to that of Google Adsense Ads.

The next ad network is A-ads. 

This ad network is good when you are havinga small-sized blog or when you are having low traffic. It's Pay in Bitcoin. This Ad Network have Banner Ads all types of banner for your blog or website

The minimum payout of A-ads is 0.000001 if you have done in A-ads Setting and they is only have one payment method is Bitcoin.

The next Ad Network is Bulletprofit. 

It is also best alternative for Google Adsense. Simple I have Reading the lots of reviews of and Personally used as users who are already using it. Bulletprofit is an ad network by GPlink

The minimum payout of Bulletprofit is $10 Also you can get the payment via PayPal, Paytm , UPI or Wire transfer. Also, the ads served by Bulletprofit is Good

  • CPC
  • CPA
  • CPM
  • More...

Type of Bulletprofit ad format

  • Banner
  • Pop-under
  • Push Notification
  • Video Ads
  • Native Banner
  • More..

Or if you face any problems you can contact me through Instagram @mr_malik_xx 

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