Sticky Footer Ads html code for Blogger and Wordpress

Sticky Footer Ads html code for Blogger and Wordpress
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In this article, I will show you how you can add a bottom sticky footer Ad to your Wordpress & Blogger website.

Sticky ads in Adsense perform better for site owners as the chances of ad click on this type of ads increases. so, the overall Click through rate, impression, and earning improve.

In fact, many big websites, news publishing house uses these footer sticky ads to boost their Adsense revenue.

So, let’s understand what is sticky ads, examples of sticky ads, and how you can implement this on your Wordpress & Blogger website.

What is a Sticky Ad?

As the name suggests Sticky ads are ads that stick to a certain position on the website despite users scrolling through the page. In this way, the sticky Ads get better exposure and draw the attention of the visitors.

You can also get the most Ad impression in this sticky ad. There is already a sticky ad functionality in the auto ads settings of Adsense called “anchor Ads“.

But we can’t customize it and display the ads according to our own choice. That’s why in this article I will show you the easiest way to add the sticky footer ads in Wordpress & Blogger.

Some people also called it bottom sticky ads or floating ads.

Users can easily dismiss the ad shown by clicking the cross button above the ad. In this way, you will get more earnings without hampering the user experience that much.



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