DP Full For Whatsapp

DP Full For Whatsapp
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DP Full Form - Display Picture

  • DP is known as Display Picture
  • It's a photos which are usually used to set or upload on a social media networking sites as a profile like Facebook Twitter , Tumblr etc

what is full form of dp in whatsapp

Display Picture. Some of the social Networking account also are puting pic in account profile update Like 




you to put a DP would be Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Even the dating apps ask you to put a display picture (dp full form) so that people can see how you look and also that there is some amount of authenticity.

The Use of Name  (DP)

Full FormCategoryTerm
Display PictureGeneralDP
Data ProcessingSoftwareDP
Duty Pass QuotaIndian RailwaysDP
Dot PitchInformation TechnologyDP
Data PrivacyComputer and NetworkingDP
Data PumpComputer and NetworkingDP
Dial PulseComputer and NetworkingDP
Doctor of PaediatricsEducational DegreeDP
Dial PulsingTelecommunicationDP
Drop PointTelecommunicationDP
Data PacketNetworkingDP
Dynamic ProfileNetworkingDP
Decentralized PeripheralNetworkingDP
Distributed ProcessingNetworkingDP
Daily Planner Calendar FileFile TypeDP
Dataphile Data FileFile TypeDP
Thor Database Primary Data FileFile TypeDP
Diagnostic ProgramSoftwaresDP
Developers PackageSoftwaresDP
Developer's PreviewSoftwaresDP
Dry ProcessChemistryDP
Degree of PermeabilityChemistryDP
Differential PressureChemistryDP
Descriptive PolarityElectronicsDP
Digital PerformerMessagingDP
Down PaymentAccounts and FinanceDP
Delayed ProcurementSpace ScienceDP
Deployable PayloadSpace ScienceDP
Design ProofSpace ScienceDP
Development PhaseSpace ScienceDP
Double PoleSpace ScienceDP
Double PrecisionSpace ScienceDP
Decimal PlacesMeasurement UnitDP
Director of PhotographyJob TitleDP
Define PropertyComputer Assembly LanguageDP
Design PrototypeComputer HardwareDP
Data PulseComputer HardwareDP
Drill PipeEarth ScienceDP
Data PointPhysics RelatedDP
Dynamically PositionedPhysics RelatedDP
Design ParametersPhysics RelatedDP
Displaced PeopleReal EstateDP
Depository ParticipantStock ExchangeDP
Double PointsSportsDP
Double PenetrationSportsDP
Double PlaySportsDP
Dodge PointsSportsDP
Don't ParticipateSportsDP
Dragon PunchSportsDP
Disqualified PersonSportsDP
Decision PointMilitary and DefenceDP
Development PlanMilitary and DefenceDP
Dynamic PositioningMilitary and DefenceDP
Drawing PackageMilitary and DefenceDP
Diametral PitchMilitary and DefenceDP
Dual PurposeMilitary and DefenceDP
Defensive PointsMilitary and DefenceDP
Department Plans OfficeMilitary and DefenceDP
Decisive PointMilitary and DefenceDP
Directorate for Policy Support (dia)Military and DefenceDP
Displaced Person Dp Parachute DriftMilitary and DefenceDP

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