11 Best Hacking websites in Hindi Teaching

If you are starting to learn hacking from the beginning, then this website can prove to be a delight for you. And if you want to learn hacking at..
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11 Best Hacking websites in Hindi Teching

The age to come is full of uncertainties. But one thing can be said that in this technology is going to be a big contributor. There is going to be a huge boom in the hacking field in the coming time. Every day a new zero-day vulnerabilities are coming out. Data breaches are not taking names. Recently , Bill Gets and Elon Musk's account was hacked on Twitter . So it becomes very important that you be safe. Today  I am going to tell you about Hacking Websites In Hindi from where you can easily learn Hacking, Hacking tips & tricks in Hindi and  Hacking Tutorial In Hindi also. 

There are millions of cyber attacks everyday in the whole world. Due to which the big company is feeling the need of ethical hackers. According to the latest  Cybersecurity Ventures , more than 3.5 million cybersecurity experts may be needed by 2021 in India   alone. The best thing about the hacking field is that you do not have much demand for the degree because the hackers are known only for their skills and not for the best university degree. Now, apart from Google and Microsoft, many companies are also hiring people without degrees.

What Are The Best Website To Learn Ethical Hacking In Hindi?

If you are starting to learn hacking from the beginning, then this website can prove to be a delight for you. And if you want to learn hacking at professional level, then it can be very useful for you. Concepts from beginner level to Advance level will be seen on these websites. And if there is any kind of new Exploit income in the market, then these things are updated as soon as possible on these websites. And if you are a beginner then we are  also going to tell the best site to learn hacking for beginners in hindi .

1.  Null Byte

This website used to come when I was in the early stages of hacking and used to search on any topic related to hacking. On this website you will find everything that comes from a beginner to a professional hacker. Some posts will be seen on each topic. They have hardly left any topic related to hacking, here    

  • Linux BASICS 
  • MITM

A part from the topic you are watching, you will also find a lot of content by Null Byte. Do what ever you can to help you become better. You will also get news related to the latest hacking on this website. A part from this, they also guide you through this video.


If you have ever seen, then there is some website that costs by looking at the website. Many hacking tools and all these things can be found here. But nothing happens there, just the degine of the website is affecting.

This website is completely different, it is very simple. And the stuffs that you get here are absolutely shocking. If you use Kali Linux and Networking related tools, then this website is going to sute you a lot.

  • DDOS

Here you will get to see a lot of tutorials related to PENETRATION TESTING, although here you also have Tutorial for Android Hacking, Windows Phone and ios Phone. Apart from this, CEH Practice Tests are also available where you can check the knowledge by practicing.

3. Hacking Tutorial

On Hacking Tutorial you will find all the topics which are usually most Demand. In simple language, all the topics that the common man considers you a hacker! Yes, of course  you will find ways of Hacking Facebook and Whatsapp here.

  • Hacking Tutorial
  • Hacking Knowledge
  • Phone Hacking
  • Hacking News
  • Tips and Tricks

On this website also you will continue to get the latest Hacking news . Also you  can learn a lot of new and unique by going to the section with Tips and Tricks . And if you want to know about any new topic, then you can also request here.

4.  SecurityTube

First of all, I would like to say that this website is an Indian but you will not find videos in Hindi here. Kher, if you are not keen on reading the blog and all these things then this website is for you. Here you will get to see all the tutorials through videos.

The founder of SecurityTube is  Vivek Ramachandran ji. He has created another website of his own. PentesterAcademy Here you will find Paid Courses. Kher, I too had taken the course of Session Hijacking and Social Engenring , which made me find Session Hijacking's videos quite right, but I did not like Social Engenring. 

5.  Cybrary

Cybrary is a platform where you will find both Paid and Free Courses. But here you 

Paid Courses will see more. And the Free Courses that are also bang. You will get to learn a lot in those Courses also.    

  • SOC
  • Isc2

Apart from Ethical Hacking Courses, you will also get to see other Courses here. This website also gives you a certificate. You can enroll your free course and take a certificate on it. The Free Courses here do not need to be undervalued. It also covers topics from basic to advanced.


This website is updated daily. Here you will get complete information about the new development that takes place in the Hacking field or Cyber ​​Security field. Also, hacking on it, Cyber ​​Security will continue to receive related news daily. You will keep getting something new on this every day, so you can visit it everyday. 

On this website, you also orgnize the challenge from time to time, if you participate in the challenge and you win, then you will also be given a prize. People writing blog posts here have a lot of knowledge in their fields. You can see their full list. All information about them will be found in the About section.

7. Hack This Site

The interface of this website is quite different from all other websites. It is quite attractive. When I first saw it, it was felt that a lot of Hacking Metrials can be found in it. If you look at this website empty above, you will not understand many things. You will find a lot in the forum section of this website. If you want, you can also ask questions. And the users here will also answer that. Here you can  Challenge  the live meet which you have to Compleate. By doing this, you are able to train yourself.

8. Exploit DB

Exploit DB is an amazing website. This website is quite old and quite popular among hackers. Here you to  zero-day vulnerabilities lots Exploit will get to see, something that also is who did not Patch. So you can try it. Apart from this, you will get to see new and old Exploit here. Exploit DB only means  Exploit DataBase so see how you feel.  

9. PacketStorm

This website is very old. PacketStorm is on the Internet since 1998 . On this website you will get to see a lot of Hacking News fed from rss. And a lot of posts have been written on different topics here. This website is updated daily. So you will not miss anything about hacking. PackestStorm has received a lot of attention on Pentesting.    


From Dev website can prove to be very good for Newbie Hackers. But you are given basic information related to hacking. You are not going to see very advanced level hacking tutorial here. Apart from hacking here, you will also get to see posts on other topics. Apart from this , PDFs of Programming Books,  Hacking Books  will also be seen.

11. Uttan BBZ

On UTTANBBZ you will find posts related to Hacking. But it won't be far away from real hacking! Kher, you will find many posts on Computer Tricks , Hacking News , Android and Tips and Tricks . You will get to learn a lot from nowhere. I always try to post related to hacking so that people are aware and do not get caught in any kind of scam!

Final Thoughts on Best Website to Learn Ethical Hacking in Hindi

On the website that teaches all the hacking mentioned above , you will get to learn a lot of things. It is not at all like that on one number, you will get to learn more things there. If you really want to learn hacking, then I would advise you to read and practice as many blogs as possible. Because this is the only way you can become a skilled hacker. The website on which you get knowledge, you have to collect and learn. And always use your skill for good things. Because the path of evil goes from darkness to darkness.
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